Extra Package for Security Service


45 Days Log

Backend (PHP) Logs

User Actions Log (Audit)

Custom Text for the Security FireWall

Website Access Delegation

CleanTalk Dashboard and Plugin Settings Templates

White Label


In addition to the standard Security features, CleanTalk provides advanced service. It extends the convenience of the Security plugin. The package costs half the price of your main Security license. The Extra Package for Security Service includes:

1. 45 Days Log

If 7 days isn't enough for you to store Security (FireWall and Brute-Force) and Backend (PHP) logs, you can extend this period to 45 days.

Please, activate this option on your Profile Page here: https://cleantalk.org/my/profile#profile_options

Your Security (Brute-Force) log here: https://cleantalk.org/my/logs

Your Security FireWall log here: https://cleantalk.org/my/logs_firewall

Your Backend (PHP) log here: https://cleantalk.org/my/backend_logs


2. Backend (PHP) Logs

With this feature, you can receive PHP errors log from your website to your CleanTalk Dashboard.

Backend (PHP) logs are here.


3. User Actions Log (Audit)

Allows you to control users' activity on your website. Security Log shows who logged in and when and how much time they spent on each page. Information is available on the Security Log tab in the plugin's settings and Security (Brute-force) Log in CleanTalk Dashboard. 

Details about Security (Brute-force) Log usage are here.


4. Custom Text for the Security FireWall

Allows you to customize an answer from our servers. By default, the message is: "Security FireWall is activated for your IP x.x.x.x".

You could change it with this feature for example: "Your IP was blocked. Please contact the administrator via mail@mail.mail". It will lower the risk of false positives.

Check out our guide for more information.


5. Website Access Delegation

The possibility to grant the rights to other users to manage or inspect your websites in your CleanTalk Dashboard.

The Website Delegation Guide is here.


6. CleanTalk Dashboard and Plugin Settings Templates

You can save/restore/clone settings on your websites. The templates interface is located here. For the WordPress plugin, we've added the possibility to save your plugin's settings in CleanTalk Cloud. Then you can restore them from the template on any of your websites. You can also reset settings to default. This feature may be useful if you want to keep settings after complete deactivation or clone settings between a few websites.

The CleanTalk dashboard settings templates Guide is here.

The CleanTalk plugin settings templates Guide is here.


7. White Label Option in the CleanTalk Plugin

This option will work only for Anti-Spam and Security licenses with the Unlimited Websites package.

Both CleanTalk Anti-Spam and Security Plugins have the option to remove any mentions of CleanTalk in the backend and frontend of your website by using the "White Label" option.

The guide is here.



When you purchase an extra package, it is valid for all the sites in your account. For the trial period, all features are available for testing without restrictions.




If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team:




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