How to use CleanTalk dashboard settings templates


To improve the user experience we've implemented a new feature. Dashboard and plugin settings templates are available now. You can save/restore/clone settings on your websites. Templates interface located here.


The feature is available after purchasing our Extra Package for Anti-Spam or Security service. Go to your Anti-Spam Renewal Licence Page or Security Renewal Licence Page to see the details.


You can create a new template by pressing Add Templates button:


Dashboard templates

In the next window, you can enter a template name, choose service which settings you want to use, and set this template as default if you want:


Add template


Press Add button and a template will be created:


Templates list


A - Service Type (Anti-Spam or Security)

B - Template name and control buttons. Edit - allows modifying template settings:

Edit template

Apply - applies the template to selected services. You can choose a few services:


Apply template


C - Last template update date.

D - Options details. Press Details to see template options:


Template options


E - Plugin options. Here you can see plugin options if you save them from the plugin. You can read more about this here.

F - here you can see the last service to which the template was applied.






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