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Pay as you go


Is it paid?

Yes, the service is paid, please see the price. You have 7 days trial to test the anti-spam on your website.


Description of the payment process for CleanTalk Anti-Spam license

You can read a detailed payment guide here.


I want to connect two resources to the service. Do I have to register two accounts, or I can use the same key?

Both sites can be connected to one account, with a separate Access key for each website.


What if I can't find a price list of a suitable package?

More efficient packages are available after the registration in your Control Panel.


Difference between hosting packages

For 5$/month you will get only one IP address with an unlimited number of websites. Any request form this IP will be processed.

For 15$/month you will get an unlimited number of IP and websites.


Is there any auto-payment or auto-extension service?

Yes, auto-payments are available for the next products:

You can enable auto-payments at the moment of purchasing/renewal subscriptions only, use the page “Billing”: https://cleantalk.org/my/bill/recharge

Autopayments photo

You can disable auto-payments anytime with the appropriate link on the page “Payments/Invoice”: https://cleantalk.org/my/payments

 Aoutpaymenst bill photo


Keep in mind that you can change your preferred method of payments in your PayPal account. Do the following:

 • Go to the Summary page of your PayPal account. Click the three vertical dots next to your "PayPal balance" title and choose "Manage currencies".

 • Then choose a payment method you want and click "Set as preferred". See the screenshots below for clarification.

PayPal manage currencies balance summary

PayPal payment methods preferred

More details are here:

 • What payment methods can I use with PayPal?

 • How do I change my payment method during checkout?


How to request a refund?

You can request a refund or get other assistance with your CleanTalk here: https://cleantalk.org/my/support/open


How can I have an invoice?

You can download an invoice in your CleanTalk Dashboard. Please, read this guide.


Pay as you go


When does PAYG enable automatically

  1. When your pre-paid license expires.
  2. When you add a site that doesn't fit into your current plan. For example, you have a 3-website license and adding the 4th one will automatically enable PAYG license.


How much it costs

$0.052 for every day your site accessed the cloud. For example, if your site accessed the cloud 10 days out of 30, the cost per month would be $0.52. In case you have the Extra Package enabled, it will be $0.078/day.


When you're charged for PAYG

On the 1st of each month (it sometimes may be the 2nd, depending on your time zone). In case the payment for the month is less than 50 cents, you will not be charged, and the payment will be added to the next month's charge. This is a limitation of the payment system we use.


Enabling Extra Package while using PAYG

If you already have the Extra Package in your pre-paid plan, you do not need to activate the Extra Package additionally - you already have it. If you have a pre-paid license without Extra Package, you can activate it using this instruction. If you do not have a pre-paid license, you can enable it here.



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