How to use the White Label Option in the Anti-Spam Plugin by CleanTalk 

The CleanTalk plugins have the option to remove any mentions of CleanTalk in the backend and frontend of your website by using the White Label Mode.

The following conditions are needed to be met in order to use the White Label Mode:

- Activated Unlimited Websites Package for Anti-Spam and/or Security licenses, prices are here — for Anti-Spam, for Security 

- Activated a CleanTalk Extra Packagefor Anti-Spam and/or for Security 

- Status "ON" for the White Label Mode in your Dashboard here:

Whitelabel options

1 – Your brand name. For example "Anti-Spam plugin by a Studio".

2 – Your logo (Optional). An URL to load your logo in the plugin settings. For example:

3 – Your brand URL.

4 – Your URL of tech support (Optional). An URL to show in the plugin settings which the plugin user must use to get the support.

5 – Email to contact technical support (Optional). An Email to show in the plugin settings which the plugin user must use to get the support.

6 – The status of the White Label option. On - Enabled, Off - Disabled.

7 – Click the "Save" button to apply the changes and distribute the White Label settings to the plugins. It makes take up to 10 minutes.

Then log in to your website backend and you'll see that the "Plugins" and "Settings" menus now have the plugin name you entered in the special field instead of "Anti-Spam by CleanTalk".

New Plugin Name


New Plugin Name


Congratulations! Now you activated the White Label Option in the CleanTalk Plugin.


Note: White Label options replace the CleanTalk brand in the settings of Anti-Spam by CleanTalk and Security by CleanTalk.

If you're using WPMS and enabled the White Label option by following this guide, then the plugin will use the settings from your profile Dashboard.

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please, contact our support team.


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