How to Use Security Log


The feature is available after purchasing a CleanTalk Security Extra Package. Go to your license renewal page to see the details.


1. First go to your Security Dashboard. Choose "Site Security" in the "Services" menu:

CleanTalk Site Security Service Dashboard


2. Then go to your Security Log:

CleanTalk Site Security log


3. You are on the Security Log page now:

CleanTalk Site Security log


You have the following possibilities:

 A — Time period for all records you want to see.

 B — Website for which you want to see security records. Leave the field empty to see security records for all websites.

 C — Choose an event you want to see:

  • Authorization Login — all successful logins to your website.
  • Authorization Logout — all closed sessions.
  • Authorization Invalid username — login attempts with not existing username.
  • Authorization Auth failed — wrong password login attempts.
  • Audit View — records of actions and events of users in your website backend.

 D — Searching records by IP address.

 E — Searching records by username.

 F — Searching records by country.

 G — List of records. Each record has the following columns:

  • Date — when the event happened.
  • User Log — who performed actions.
  • Event — what did he do.
  • Status — was he Passed or Banned.
  • IP — his IP address.
  • Country — what country that IP belongs to.
  • Details — some details if they are available.


4. Go to your Security Firewall Log:

CleanTalk Security Firewall log


5. You are on the Security Firewall Log. It looks similar as the Security Log, but shows only IP addresses and countries which visited your website:

CleanTalk Security Firewall log


You can read more about using Security Firewall Log here.

If you wish to block some countries from visiting your website, please, use this instruction:



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