Download plugin file Cleantalk_Antispam-1.2.7.tgz.Previous version Cleantalk_Antispam-1.2.6.tgz.

Installation of the Anti-Spam extension by CleanTalk in Magento

Go to your Anti-Spam Dashboard

Magento CleanTalk extension key 01 => Magento CleanTalk extension key 02 => Magento CleanTalk extension key 03

  • Go to Magento Connect Manager (System —> Magento Connect —> Magento Connect Manager).

Magento Connect Manager

  • Paste the key in the section "Install New Extension".

Magento Install New Extension 01

  • Press the button "Proceed".

Magento Install New Extension 02

  • Wait until the end of the extension installation process.

Magento Installation Console

  • Go to "Configuration" menu in the admin panel.

Magento System Configuration

  • Find the window "CleanTalk" in "General" tab, enter your access key from your CleanTalk Dashboard and save the configuration (Save Config).

Magento CleanTalk Settings

  • Make sure your Sender Email is correct in the General Contact section (on the page System->Configuration, Store Email Addresses tab).
  • Do the test registration using this e-mail: You should see the message that the spam has been blocked.

Magento account creation

Magento spam review block

Magento spam block

How to Add Website to CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard

Please, use this guide to add a website to CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard:


Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Anti-Spam extension!


You can see the Anti-Spam status, add a new site or manage the existing ones in the Control Panel.
Please, check your e-mail for the password of your account.



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